Understanding individual hearing loss across Leicestershire

To be able to hear is to be able to communicate with ease and make us feel part of a group and our surroundings. Hearing loss can be distressing, isolating and frustrating. Charnwood Hearing Aid Centre can help you with these challenges.

Hearing loss can occur for many reasons, it may be congenital (you may have been born with it), it may be acquired (you develop it as you go through life) or it may be progressive (it deteriorates over time). For all instances, there are hearing aids to help.

You may have acquired your hearing loss through illness or accident, through genetic conditions or life saving treatments, or it may simply be a sign of wear and tear of your hearing system.

There are three main types of hearing loss:

Understanding individual hearing loss across Leicestershire (Hearing Loss)

Conductive hearing loss

This occurs in the outer and/or middle ears and may be as a result of wax build-up, infection or catarrh-like fluid. It may also be due to damage to the ear drum or bones in the middle ear. For people with this type of hearing loss a visit to a specialist doctor is usually recommended to see whether medicine or surgery could help. It may be that the doctor recommends a hearing aid instead of medical or surgical intervention depending on the exact nature and cause of the hearing problem.

Sensorineural hearing loss

This occurs in the inner ear when the hair cells or nerves start to deteriorate. In rare cases this may be caused by a growth on the nerve, but in most cases it is due to wear and tear and ageing of the hearing system. This type of hearing loss is usually best managed with a good, well-fitted hearing aid.

Mixed hearing loss

This is a combination of both conductive and sensorineural types. It is important to establish to what extent each type contributes to the loss. It may be that a visit to a specialist doctor is recommended for treatment of the conductive element, followed by a hearing aid to manage the sensorineural component.

Whatever type of hearing loss you have, you can be assured that, at Charnwood Hearing Aid Centre, we will give you the best advice based on a full and detailed set of hearing tests. We are also happy to visit your home.

If you’re not sure whether you need a hearing aid then please telephone 0116 236 6633 or call in and make an appointment for a full no-obligation hearing assessment.

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