How do you know which hearing aids are going to be right for you?

Your hearing assessment shouldn’t end in the clinic

lovetheexperienceThe best choice is a confident choice

It’s normal to have a lot of questions when you’re buying a hearing aid. That’s why, together with Unitron, we have created a special program that lets you take home hearing instruments to try out in your life before you commit to buying them. Since you get to experience how the hearing aids work in the real world, you can feel confident that they will perform well in the listening environments where you actually spend time. We call this a Real World Assessment and use Flex:Trial technology to achieve this.

Ask us about your no obligation Real World Assessment now.


Spectacular speech understanding is just the beginning

Move beyond the words with Discover Next. The unique sound technology helps you to understand who is talking, where the voices are coming from, what intonation is being used and what the underlying emotions are. This incredible sound performance helps you to hear the deeper meaning in conversations. And the unique engine inside Discover Next helps you get to the heart of conversations.

You can have it all:

rechargeableRechargeability: for convenience and ease of use

Connectivity to both Apple and Android devices: so you don’t miss the conversation

Telecoil: to enhance your listening experience

Real World Assessment: to personalise your listening journey

Flex:Ugrade: in case your lifestyle changes

Remote Plus APP: puts you in control

Coach support tool: ongoing hints, tips and reminders

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